Sunday, May 13, 2018

Equations, equations, equations!

Good afternoon, grade 6s!

As promised, here's a photo of your algebraic equations...anyone going to take on the challenge of solving them all?! (or as many as are possible to solve)

Also, this is a reminder of a few things I mentioned on Friday:

  • math test - Tuesday
  • please bring in any magazines you have that we could cut up for art
  • yearbook orders are due Thursday (order online or bring the form and money to school)
  • and please remember that the SMAC team is collecting toiletries until the end of the month to donate to homeless shelters in our area
See you in the morning!

Mrs. Matheson

Friday, May 4, 2018

Enjoy your weekend!

Hi everyone,

Here are a couple of things to let you know about for next week:


  • Jump Rope pledges and forms are due
  • Last work period for electricity reflection questions (see below)
  • Last day to modify ArtBots (if the handout with the graphic organizer and write-up is complete)

  • Electricity reflection questions due
  • Artbot sharing day!

  • Pitch-In day (first block)

Also, yearbook order forms went home today. Please remember to pay through School Cash Online.

Enjoy the weekend and see you on Monday!

Mrs. Matheson

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Coming up this week (and math from last week)

Good evening grade 6s,

I hope you all had a great PD day and weekend.

As promised, here are all of the math questions from Thursday that you worked on in groups.'s what's coming up this week!

  • Monday: Character Ed assembly, Snap Circuits with Mrs. Warren
  • Tuesday: Math ("Rate") Quest (word problems similar to the ones we've been working on together), introduction to "ArtBots" project
  • Wednesday: presenting persuasive speeches
  • Thursday: Jump Rope for Heart day (pledge forms due)
  • Friday: last day of Floor Hockey

See you in the morning!

Mrs. Matheson

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Social Studies Inquiry presentations

Good morning everyone,

I'm going to post below the list that was on the board yesterday, outlining the order in which you've signed up to share your Social Studies projects on Tuesday and Wednesday (and Thurs. if needed).

We'll have another 100-minute work period on Monday and I will be available to conference with any students I didn't have a chance to talk with on Thursday or Friday.

Please use some time this weekend, if necessary, to do the "at-home" parts some of you told me you were waiting to do (talking with family members, finding photos, etc.). I'm looking forward to learning some new and interesting things from all of you!

1. Evelyn
2. Stella
3. Rachael
4. James
5. Preston
6. Ava
7. Katana
8. Jake M.
9. Jacob
10. Parnell
11. Brandon
12. Evan
13. Abby
14. Rachel R.
15. Vanessa
16. Lachlan
17. Noah
18. Anthony
19. Josh
20. Lilly
21. Davis
22. Justus
23. Miguel
24. Sawyer
25. Jake D.
26. Oscar
27. Owen
28. Zoe
29. Matthew
30. Bella
31. Topper

Monday, April 16, 2018

Some updates

Hi everyone,

What crazy April weather we're having! I hope you've been enjoying a relaxing day off today.

Announcements you need to know about:
  • The SMAC team is doing a one-week food drive, collecting non-perishable food for the Thornton Food Bank. Please bring in any items you would like to donate.
  • Jump Rope for Heart forms will go home tomorrow. You can register at . Our event is May 3, so all money and forms are due back that day.

Other important updates:

  • The math test will be postponed until Wednesday. We will review together tomorrow.
  • Social Studies inquiry projects will be due on Tuesday, April 24. If you want to be doing any work at home today, here is the assignment page. You could choose your 3-5 subtopics (smaller areas of focus within your larger inquiry), think of research questions and begin doing research online, create "interview" questions that you might want to ask family members, look for old family photos, etc.

See you tomorrow!

Mrs. Matheson

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Math Review questions

Good morning grade 6s,
Here are some word problems that we're going to work through tomorrow together as we review for the Fractions/Decimals/Percent test on Tuesday. If you try them on your own first and then tomorrow show me the work you've done, I will give you signatures!


For the first question, think about what operation to use when we're talking about "percent OF the total."

For the second question, think about what operation to use when we're talking about "an amount OUT OF the total."

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hi everyone,

Thanks for a fantastic week. There was so much going on! We had many students away throughout the week, so I thought I'd catch everyone up to speed about what's been going on.

First, we were so excited to hear that Mrs. Breau had her baby yesterday. We even got to see a photo and he is cute! Congratulations to Mrs. Breau and her family!

This past week in math, we...

  • worked more with fractions, decimals, and percent
  • reviewed for our math test coming up on Tuesday
In language, we...
  • continued reading and responding to Fatty Legs (up to chapter 5)
  • wrote about experiences in our lives when we have persuaded others to do certain things. Some of your stories have been quite entertaining!
During integration time, we...
  • participated in an outdoor simulation activity to consider the experiences and interactions of First Peoples with explorers, fur traders, and early settlers (and had some great follow-up debrief/debate/discussion time)
  • researched and talked about the experiences of other communities in Canadian history (Irish famine orphans, Chinese Railroad workers, Africville, Japanese Internment camps)
  • began thinking about our personal Social Studies inquiry projects
  • had our final "Mandalas" art work period
  • began our Inuit Games competition
Next week...
  • Art - Mandalas due Monday
  • Math - Test on Tuesday (fractions, decimals, and percent...we'll review more together on Monday)
  • Language - We're going to start writing persuasive speeches. Begin thinking of a topic that might be of interest to you.
  • Social Studies - We'll be working on our personal inquiry projects. This weekend, you may want to talk to family members about your family's immigration stories, if you've chosen that as your project focus.

Stay tuned for some math challenges which I'll be posting soon to help you review!

Mrs. Matheson